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Whether you’re prepping Christmas dinner or just making breakfast with your family in the summer, you don’t want your range or stove to give out. Getting a fast range repair in Corona CA can be quite a challenge. If your stove parts or range parts are giving your appliance trouble, it’s time to get them replaced. Serving as a leading Corona range repair solution, we can assist you with your appliance problems.

When a client calls us, we make every effort to work with their schedule. Our repair specialists will visit you in your Corona CA neighbor to address your stove repair issues. Once a diagnosis is made and an estimate is drafted, you can decide if you want us for the repair. If so, we can collect the stove parts in Corona CA from an appliance parts store for you and come to finish the job.

We simply find a way to do your stove repair in Corona CA and follow through with the solution. We also try to make this affordable to you. We do this by not marking up the cost of replacement range parts and stove parts. We don’t have to turn a profit here, we simply need to be compensated for the repair job. This is even true if we buy the replacement stove parts in Corona CA at a discount from retail.

Getting stuck needing an emergency stove repair or range repair in Corona CA during the holiday season is a real drag. If you need a range repair, we can be of assistance. We are a Corona stove repair company with a wealth of experiencing providing repair solutions for those in need of stove repair in Corona CA. If you live in the area and require Corona stove repair or range repair services, feel free to give us a call!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Do you need to swap out the glow plug in your gas range? Kill the power and gas supply. From here, open the door and remove the racks to get to the bottom of the oven compartment. Find screws for the bottom panel and take it off. If you have one, detach the flame shield. Follow the wiring between the rear of the glow plug and the rear of the oven. Disconnect the glow plug from everything, install the new one, and put it all back in place.


Corona Appliance Repair Specialists

750 S Lincoln Ave #104-373, Corona, CA 92882

(951) 550-3989
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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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