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Refrigerator Repair in Corona CA - (951) 550-3989

The refrigerator and freezer are the only appliances that you absolutely must have working at all times. If either stop working, it can quickly end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Some food will go bad in just a few hours, all your food will be no good within a few days. So, any refrigerator problem should be handled immediately; we work quickly and provide excellent quality services for those in need of refrigerator repair in Corona CA.

Our appliance repair technicians are licensed and have many years of working experience in the Corona CA area, having taken on countless refrigerator repair jobs. We can solve any problem, such as excessive noise, non-functional icemaker, defective coils, and inadequate sealing. We also have direct access to replacement refrigerator parts in Corona CA from suppliers with large inventories.

When our technician starts on a refrigerator repair in Corona CA, he or she will visit your home and figure out which appliance parts need replaced. From here, we will set out to obtain the replacement parts and quickly come back to finish the job. To best serve as the leading Corona refrigerator repair company, we also carry some common refrigerator parts on hand to speed up repair times.

Are you located in the Corona CA area and currently need help with a refrigerator repair? We are here to help and we’re only a phone call away. Get in touch with us now and we will have a repair tech sent out to your home at the soonest time that works for you!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Fixing a refrigerator door handle is not a difficult job. Look at the handle to see at which point it attaches to the appliance. If the screws are visible, take them out. If not, attempt to slide the handle vertically. If the handle is installed on a track, then it should come off easily. If not, you may have to look for a tiny panel that can be removed, which gives you access to the screws. From there, you can easily remove and replace the door handle.


Corona Appliance Repair Specialists

750 S Lincoln Ave #104-373, Corona, CA 92882

(951) 550-3989
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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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